Trailer released for Broken Line on Switch

by: Rob -
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Broken Lines is a tactical RPG coming soon-ish for Nintendo Switch. Trailer just released and it looks heavy. The trailer doers a great job of setting the tone for the story. In an alternate WWII timeline a plane of British soldiers have crashed deep behind enemy lines and must face numerous obstacles on their way back out. Each soldier in the troop promises to bring their own unique personalities as well as skills to the mix. There will certainly be some tactical squad action, but what intrigues me the most is how at every turn the trailer presents the weight of choice when deciding how you are going to get your band of soldiers out from enemy territory. These kinds of moral dilemmas could make for a fascinating experience, especially if the choices have real weight to them. As much as the trailer gets me excited for this game, we will have to wait to see if the execution matches the lofty ideas. 

Broken Lines does not have a definitive release date, only announcing Q1 2020, so probably February? It will launch on PC and Switch then and also plans to port over to PS4 and Xbox but release details are still a bit sparse.