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The completely impossible Microsoft Flight Simulator let's it snow

by: Randy -
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Here's one we should've been covering for six months now. Microsoft Flight Simulator. Look, I'm not into real flight simulators either. But the visuals coming out of this one are impossible—just absolutely impossible. By incorporating Bing map data, Microsoft has recreated a 1:1 simulation of the entire Earth. Not just cities with airports. Not just the A-to-B routes between them. But the whole gosh dang Earth with a capital E. And not just the Earth, but seasonal weather, the very definition of god rays, and volumetric clouds that will 100% convince you why everyone, before the age of flight, thought Heaven was in the clouds. Now that we've been in the clouds for over a century, I'm no less convinced that Heaven is right up there. Just look at this video. And rewind to the E3 2019 announcement trailer to see every game you're looking forward to be graphically shamed.

Google Earth, eat your heart out. I'm getting me a Cessna, and it's all Bing's fault.