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Fast & Furious looks less ridiculous in video game form

by: Nicholas -
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The Fast & Furious franchise has been going for a long time. Even as its latest spin-off, Hobbes & Shaw, has a literal superhuman bad guy, I remember the previews on my VHS copy of Spider-Man (2002) that showed the first film's quite tame beginnings as a a simple street-racing movie. 

Now it's getting into video games. Of course, this has happened before, but what's important about this entry is that it's come at such a forward-moving time in the video game industry. 

Fast & Furious Crossroads, developed by Slightly Mad Games and published by Universal and Bandai Namco, is the latest adaptation from film to video game. The trailer, which released last Friday, shows off some classic characters from the films as well as some new faces that look created just for the game. 

It's not clear whether the players will be controlling a heretofore unknown character or the magnanimous Vin Diesel-who stars in the game as movie protagonist Dom Toretto. There's also Michelle Rodriguez's Letty-although it's unknown if the actress is reprising her role, it certainly sounds like her.

The game looks like it packs plenty of setpieces, from dodging a bunch of wrecking balls to jumping onto a moving train (where have we seen that before?). But the franchise has done those setpieces so much bigger in the past. 

The game still has a while to go though, as it isn't releasing until May 2020. Find out more here, and watch the trailer below.