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Check out the trailer for Bablyon's Fall, the newest title from Platinum Games

by: Nicholas -
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Nier Automata developer Platinum Games is notable for groundbreaking games that push genre conventions and even the nature of the medium itself. Although there's plenty of influence from Yoko Taro, it's the whole team that makes the game. 

The team has made games dipping in fantasy as well as sci-fi, both being the brainchildren of the aforementioned Yoko Taro. This is part of what makes the developer's newest entry: Babylon's Fall, look new. 

Its debut trailer premiering as part of PlayStation's State of Play event, the game looks like it hearkens back to the fantasy genre that defined Platinum's early goings. But that's just the setting. As the trailer goes on, the player character engages with a number of enemies that looks both organic and somewhat mechanical (maybe magical?) and the way that the character's sword flashes is strongly reminiscent of 2B's weaponry in Nier: Automata. 

Check out the trailer below. More info coming next summer.