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Rise of Skywalker content debuts Dec. 17 on Battlefront II

by: Nicholas -
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With a new film climaxing a forty-year saga in just four days, it's only fitting that Star Wars: Battlefront II should have some content showing that off in DICE's latest Star Wars title. 

Debuting a new hero, many skins, and three reinforcements, the free update will also let players choose the eras they play in certain modes like Galactic Supremacy. 

The new hero is BB-8, although the scrappy little ball droid won't actually debut until January 2020, but the reinforcements included will feature the Sith and Jet Trooper for the First Order, while the Resistance gets Ovissian Gunner and Caphex Spy. All are shown in the trailer below. 

Rey, Finn, and Kylo will each get new skins from Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, which debuts in theaters this Friday. The update will also bring on a new jungle planet from the film. Find out more about the content update here.