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A resurrected Telltale Games is resurrecting The Wolf Among Us

by: Randy -
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I'm not even the world's biggest cynic, but it's been easy to see—and hard to deny—that there might no longer be anything good coming out of Telltale Games. They redefined adventure gaming, to be sure. But no amount of success, it seemed, could keep the doors open. Telltale shut down. But then came right back! With none of the original crew that built Telltale's success. So you'll have to pardon me if I'm still going to sit right here and take this news with a grain of salt. Though this was literally the only thing they could've said to get my attention one more time:

Telltale is making The Wolf Among Us 2.

We hear Snow (of Snow White fame) having a heart to heart with Bigby (the Big Bad Wolf). She knows he's a changed wolf. He's reformed. He used to be big and bad. But he's better now. And Snow has to ask Bigby to be find the Big Bad in himself again.

The first season, back in 2013, introduced me and many others to the wild world of Fables, an already 11-year-old series of graphic novels. It didn't matter that I was late to that party. I'd eventually catch up, borrowing them one trade paperback at a time from a friend that lived three hours away. But the games themselves captured such a brilliant, thickly drawn, neon detective vibe that it was impossible for me to look away. That, and the fact that it was broken-down folklore told by broken-down fairy-tale characters. Like Bigby, the titular Big Bad Wolf, sheriff of Fabletown. Brilliant, subversive stuff.

As we speak, I'm mad that I don't have those graphic novels, and I'm mad that I never completed that first season of The Wolf Among Us. Time for me to fire up the ol' Xbox 360. I've got it waiting right there. And I could sit here grousing about how I wish it was the original Telltale crew putting it together. But the truth is, I'm gonna play it. Whoever makes it.