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Microsoft officially names Scarlett as Xbox Series X

by: John -
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At the Game Awards, Microsoft unveiled the official name and look for the next Xbox. Xbox Series X will be coming out for Holiday 2020. Rumors are there will be two SKUs so hence the Series X I'm guessing.

The physical look of the console is a monolith like tower with what looks like a vent at the top. There's the Blu-Ray slot on the front along with a simple Xbox logo in the corner. I'm assuming you can lay it on the side or stand it on top as with previous consoles.

It's nothing fancy and I don't mind the rectangular design. It should fit in a lot of entertainment centers and not stand out.

The controller is the Elite controller, but that might be a stand in for the official one that will come with the console.

Again, it's a Holiday 2020 release, but it's nice to finally see what the final product will look like and the official name.