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Hades joins the Steam family, still has love for Epic

by: Randy -
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In December of last year, Supergiant Games announced Hades and put it into Epic Games Store early access that same day. Now, a year later, it's unfettered from its Epic exclusivity deal and has taken 12 months' worth of blood, sweat, and developer tears to Steam Early Access as well. 

I like what I'm seeing of the isometric roguelike combat. Your dude almost completely turns into his weapon when he's slashing. Like he's Defender. On the Atari. It was 1981—never mind. Hades's art style is signature and still one of the most compelling prospects of any Supergiant game. Until you listen to the soundtrack and fall in love with that. Or you get your twin sticks moving with the chaotic rhythm of its gameplay. Or the narration and character-building gives you so much meat. Suffice it to say, there's a lot to love about each and every Supergiant game. I can't wait for this one's final release. 

You're the titular hero, Hades, who's sorta kinda in a fight with his dad (to further explore recent years' father-son stories), and has to fight his way out of Hell. Yell at family members, stab those crab demons trying to hold you down, die, and do it all again. Except differently, since the roguelike part swaps pieces and parts and people and hypercolors in and out each time you play.