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Wake Island comes to Battlefield V

by: Rob -
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Quite possibly the most popular map in Battlefield history, Wake Island dates back to the original Battlefield 1942 17 years ago. It actually goes back even farther than the release of that game, as it was featured in the E3 demo even before the release itself. It reappeared in Battlefield 1943, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, and now makes its latest debut in Battlefield V. Wake Island is a part of the free content in the Tides of War update, Chapter 5: War in the Pacific.  

While the map remains the same, this time around it has been updated with the graphics and acoustics of the latest gen hardware, as well as introducing the game-changing fortification mechanics into play. Both Breakthrough and the classic Conquest Assault will be playable on Wake Island.

To coincide with the release, the developers have released the following tips and strategies to survive Wake Island, and we've got the trailer below those:

  • In Breakthrough, attackers get tanks in the first sector, defenders don’t. If you’re attacking, take advantage of this. Also, if you spot defenders hiding in the Hotel, take it down! Defenders can build Fortifications to counter this.

  • Attackers can find ways to destroy the Hangar as well. Defenders should set up tank traps as soon as possible to stop the tanks from moving into the Hangar.

  • Some of the bunkers can be destroyed, some cannot. Defenders can use the tunnels leading to the bunkers to their advantage by creating a choke point.

  • The last sector is the prime target for calling in artillery or rocket Reinforcements. Use them.

  • Do not underestimate the small boats! They are fast, nimble, and perfect for flanking.

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