What we're playing this weekend

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Here's our weekly look at what some of our staffers will be playing this weekend

Ben Berry - Staff Writer
This weekend, I'm kicking back into my exercise routine as the new hockey session approaches. That means of course, I'm back to Wii Sports: Boxing. I'm also still working my way through Tiger Woods for the Wii, and finding that making my way onto the PGA Tour is maybe even harder on the Wii. Finally, while these aren't actually things I'm playing, I'm checking out the Obsidian touch mouse and GH50 Surround Sound headphones from Saitek.

Randy Kalista - Staff Writer

This evening I've scheduled a meeting with Pink Floyd along with the Sam & Max Episode 6 demo of The Bright Side of the Moon (c'mon Season 1 boxed set!)  After the healthy GDI campaign in Command & Conquer 3, I'll be moonlighting as a guerilla in the mist with the good ol' Brotherhood of Nod.  And that's before I take an early morning stroll on my SpaceStationSim demo with my Napoleon Dynamite-quoting crew ("Are you drinking 1 percent milk because you think you're fat?  'Cause you're not").

Dan Keener - Staff Writer
I will be breaking out Crackdown to download all the goodies and create some more havoc.  Still killing my hands playing Call of Duty on the PSP, will be looking for some co-op play with Double Dragon on Xbox Live Arcade and try to get the beta for Shadow of Legend to finally load on my PC.

Shawn Sines - Staff Writer
This weekend is a no gaming weekend for me. I'm still playing LotRO of course and some WoW but that's about it.. I'm spending the weekend outside doing yard work like a normal person for a change.. that and doing World Literature homework for college..

Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer
This week I'm going back in time a bit to finally get caught up on a title that I've had for quite a while that has been sitting on my shelf. And that is Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on GameCube, that's right, despite owning a Wii I would rather play it on GameCube. Left handed Link for life SUCKAS! Actually I am just very much against the waggle mechanics tacked in to that game. Aside from that I finally gave back in to Pokemon and started playing Pokemon Pearl, the last time I played Pokemon was back in the Ruby/Sapphire era. Coming in on the back burner is Tomb Raider Legend on 360 in preparation of Anniversary coming in June, and Melty Blood; a Japanese doujin fighting game from Type-Moon which I am hoping and pleading an American company will pick up some time in the future.

Tyler Sager - Senior Staff Writer
I haven’t had a lot of game time this week, but I’ve been plugging away at Command and Conquer 3 for most of it.  I’m still plowing through the GDI campaign, but should see that come to and end shortly.  I’ve also given a short run at Galactic Civilizations 2 for my turn-based strategy fix.

John Yan - Hardware Editor
For this weekend I'm going to be playing a little bit of Crackdown to build up my character. I popped into a game with an old co-worker and just spent the entire time trying to gather the little green orbs. I guess I should've helped him out as he was dying a lot. Oh well, the orbs come first. I'm also going to get a few rounds of Guitar Hero on the PlayStation 2 so I can test out the Frontman from Nyko.

Charles Husemann - Editor-in-Chief
It looks like most of this weekend is going to be spent on the PS3 checking out Calling all Cars and Rampart.  Once I get the yard cleaned up this weekend I think I might check out all that new Crackdown content.  28 Weeks Later hits the theatres this weekend and since the GF isn't a fan of horror movies I might catch a Sunday matinee.