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Alien: Isolation comes to Switch on December 5th

by: Sean Colleli -
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We don't have long to wait now for the Nintendo Switch port of Alien: Isolation, as it's headed to the console/portable hybrid on December 5th. Feral Interactive have a new dev diary out detailing the game's features, and they appear to have done a bang-up job on the port. The footage in the video is captured from a docked Switch, which to my untrained eye appears to be running at 1080p.

Feral promises motion aiming and HD rumble exclusive to the Switch version, and I'm particularly interested in that HD rumble, as Alien: Isolation is all about the nuance of your senses and paying attention to your surroundings. The Switch version also includes all DLC for the original game.

Switch has played host to a number of last and current-gen ports, some of them amazing, others not so much. I'm hoping the whole game looks and plays as well as this dev diary, as Alien: Isolation is a fantastic survival horror experience and deserves the full extras treatment on Switch.