Samauri Showdown coming to Switch, forces me to age gate trailer

by: Rob -
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There is something wholesome I always associate with Nintendo. I'm sure it's because Nintendo was always the wholesome gaming console in my childhood. It wasn't until Sony and Microsoft game along with their bad boy consoles that my gaming life started taking on more mature themes. So there is something a little strange about having to throw a trailer for a Nintendo behind an age-gate. But here you have it, the classic weapon based fighter Samurai Showdown is coming to the Switch in Q1 2020 and the trailer features "partial nudity." Sigh. 

I know this isn't the first time a more mature game has made it to the Switch. Diablo and Doom are already there. MK 11 as well and Bayonetta takes such a misguided male adolescent charged view of women it is practically soft core porn. But this is the first time I've had to age-gate a product on a Nintendo platform so just give me a moment...

Anyway, no firm date for the release. It has been 11 years since the last game in the Samurai Showdown series and over 25 years since the original and the gameplay seems true to the core of the series. 13 old favorites are coming to this version alongside 3 new characters. And those that pre-order will get a copy of the classic Samurai Showdown 2, the game originally developeed for SNK's old handheld device, the Neo Geo Pocket. Trailer is behind the age-gate below (still don't feel right but I'm coming to grips...).

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