Stardew Valley plus House Flipper equals Farmer's Dynasty

by: Randy -
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Farming sims are one thing. Life sims are another. That one house-flipper game is yet another. But Farmer's Dynasty combines all those elements. In Steam Early Access since December 2017, Farmer's Dynasty is plotting an official launch this Thursday, November 21. 

The whole thing starts out like Stardew Valley, in fact, with your grandfather leaving you his ol' rundown farm out in the country. Not just a house and an overgrown plot of land, though. There are several structures that need fixing, and you're just the guy with the nail gun and lumberjack plaid shirt to make it happen. You're mending fences, rebuilding roofs, replacing the ruined brick and mortar, and even spraying a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Build that greenhouse, chicken coop, and cow barn. Then milk the cows, fish the fish, and weed wack the weeds. You're outta here, Bellis perennis, otherwise known as the common daisy!

And hire on some help from, uh, Yvonne, Janet, and Becky. Then marry the hired help! (Janet's a hottie, by the way.) If she can ignore your wang-jangly arms, this marriage might work. I'm not expecting Mass Effect-style relationships to crop up between crops, but the fact it even exists is kind of staggering. Grow a farm, grow a family. I mean, if the geese at the 1:17 mark in the video don't ruin the whole thing. Don't put it past them. Geese are jerks. 

There's a bit of jank here, but it's obviously ambitious. Something I wouldn't expect from something with the word "Farmer" in it. Even the game's thumbnail is so poorly photoshopped together that none of the elements' perspectives line up. Never mind that. I didn't even grow up on a full-fledged farm, but Farmer's Dynasty is giving me a hankering to head on outta town and have my kid grow up on one.

Farmer's Dynasty has still got a few days of Early Access on Steam before its official launch on November 21. Its recent user reviews have it sitting on a Very Positive 89 percent.