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Planet Zoo launches, makes me rearrange my whole gaming calendar

by: Randy -
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High on my list of Man I Wish I Had Time to Play More Games list sits Planet Zoo. This Lion King-worthy launch trailer starts with a vast array of wild animals in their leafy, savanna-y, or rocky environments. Before you yoink them up and place them in your zoo that attempts to recreate the biomes they're used to before you yoinked them up and put them in your zoo. Chimps and elephants, iguanas and alligators, peacocks and flamingos. It's a pretty stunning array of mammals and lizards and birds.

And if you're worried about the humanity (for a lack of better words) regarding your actions, then the human animals will break out the protest signs if they think you're doing a poor job, zookeeper. 

Planet Zoo is a single-player construction and management sim, out now on Windows.