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Historical RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets free modding tools

by: Randy -
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As promised on their road map, developer tools are now available in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This historically fictionalized role-playing game, taking place in Bohemia in 1403, was one of my favorites from last year by far, and it'll be cool to see what the community comes up with on their own. Sure, I'm guessing Thomas the Tank Engine will have to make a requisite appearance. But I'm hoping modders come up with some brand new memes, too. Heck, I hope they come up with some great side stories to boot.

I can tell within just a few seconds of watching this video that these modding tools are not for me. I'm not a modder in the first place. There are entirely too many Windows-looking windows and actual programmer gobbledygook going on for me to have any chance of comprehending this stuff. And Warhorse Studios has put a wiki full of tutorials right on Nexus Mods to help folks out.

In more capable hands, incredible things can come of this. Somebody might rush ahead and make The Elder Scrolls VI before Todd Howard does. Modders beware, though. I was trying to review this game through more than a few good-natured (and some game-breaking) bugs.

The modding tools are available for free on PC.

Warhorse Studios releases Modding Tools for award winning game Kingdom Come: Deliverance

- Patch 1.9.3 out now! -

Warhorse Studios and Deep Silver release the latest patch for the critically acclaimed medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance released on PC, PlayStation and Xbox One. The “Modding Tools” allow players all over the world to lay hands on the game in a totally different way—add new elements, swap existing assets, in short...get creative in Bohemia 1403.

Additional to the Patch 1.9.3. preparing the game for Mods, Warhorse also released a variety of Modding tools for players in cooperation with Nexus Mods. The modding tools for Kingdom Come: Deliverance are are available for free on PC.

People will be able to:
Add new elements to the game
Swap current assets
Use SKALD (the Warhorse writing tool) to create new quests
Create graphic overhaul mods

Players who are interested in Modding will find a central hub on https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Kingdom_Come_Deliverance. Alongside explanatory WIKI entries Warhorse will give support on the basics of Kingdom Come: Deliverance modding and plans to establish this page as a social hub and SharePoint.