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A mini-update on the Half-Life 3 fan project: Boreal Alyph

by: Nicholas -
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Boreal Alyph, a project by dedicated fans-cum-game developers that seeks to turn Mark Laidlaw's Epistle 3 into reality, is slowly but steadily getting off the ground. The developers--Keep Away From Fire--have been trickling out little details over the months, mostly in highlight reels of game development. 

Lucky for fans (full disclosure: I'm hype), a new update releases for the month of October. In a mini-update on YouTube, the devs have put out concept art, glimpses of levels in progress, and even updated designs for classic weapons to fit the game's modern aesthetic. 

It's really exciting stuff, and, given the success of fan-made games like Sonic Mania, makes one wonder as to the heights these dreamers can achieve. 

Check out the devs' website here. And if you think you've got what it takes, they're also hiring.