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I'm too hype for Battlefield's return to the Pacific theater

by: Nicholas -
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Battlefield V has had a rough year. Hitting a lower-than-expected sales mark, receiving unwarranted sexist and racist backlash, and fighting an uphill battle against a staggering success of other games like Fortnite, it's hard not to feel some sympathy for such an enjoyable game. 

Focusing for much of the game's chapters on the European campaign, DICE has finally unveiled the long-awaited Pacific Theater, and brings the U.S. and Japanese Empire into the war. 

Releasing as a free content update on October 31st, players will be getting three new maps, including reimagined classic maps like Wake Island and Iwo Jima. Additionally, there will be new weapons, including the M1 Girand for assault class, Type 99 Arisaka for recon, and the Type 100 submachine gun for medics, and a whole lot more (katanas and flame throwers, anyone?).

Check out all that here, and watch the trailer below.