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The Outer Worlds shoots out of the airlock today

by: Randy -
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One of the worst things people have done is to treat corporations like they're people. Welcome to The Outer Worlds launch day! It's a place where people can't help but spout the company byline in normal conversation, where you have to give two to four-weeks' notice if you want to take sick leave, and where you can even fall behind on payments for your future gravesite. 

With Fallout 76 landing on its back like a Filipino diver regarding its paid-subscription model, Obsidian Entertainment is ready to yoink the Fallout crown back from Bethesda. And with a Metacritic of 86 at the time of writing, that at least puts it The Outer Worlds up there in Fallout 4's caliber. (I know at least two Gaming Nexus staffers that will murder me for having said that.) But on a more level-headed comparison, that does put The Outer Worlds at a point or two above Obsidian's own Fallout: New Vegas from 2010.

Later today, when our weekly So, What Are You Playing? news posts, you'll see that John Yan and Eric Hauter are both RPG'ing to their hearts' content in the Firefly-strewn Outer Worlds. Me, too, even though I've got my nose to the grindstone on our Death Stranding review; and also Sean Cahill, former staffer, who's still very much part of the GN family in our Slack channel, has done the smart thing and taken paid time off to play The Outer World. It's safe to say that it's the most anticipated role-playing game of the year. If you're looking for Fallout-in-space comfort food, then this game has got you—even if it's wink-wink definitely not a Fallout game.