Teaser Trailer and episode details released for TARZAN VR

by: Eric -
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Fun Train, half of the evil genius team behind The Exorcist: Legion VR (the other half being development team Wolf & Wood) have released a teaser trailer for their latest effort, TARZAN VR. This time Fun Train are working with Stonepunk Studios (Primordian), and TARZAN VR looks to be shaping up to be pretty cool.

Tarzan VR is being developed as an episodic title (I’m guessing that the format worked out pretty well for the team with The Exorcist, which is one of my favorite VR games). The new title is described as “a single-player adventure with carefully balanced elements of exploration, combat, athletics, creature interaction and natural wonder and is experienced as a serialized comic-style series of issues. 

"Players can climb, swing, swim, and fight their way across five expansive environments that each offer their own unique set of weapons and challenges. Additionally, players will have access to unique Tarzan “skills” such as Call of the Wild, Earth Vision and Fish Eye.”

That all sounds great to me. In addition to showcasing TARZAN VR’s cool cell-shaded animation style in the teaser, Fun Train also released information about each of the episodes/issues.

Issue 1 – The Great Ape: Jane has been abducted by a group of invaders, and Tarzan must seek the wisdom of The Great Ape in order to find the trail of her mysterious captors.

Issue 2 – Jagged Edge: Tarzan begins his pursuit of Jane’s captors and must make his way across the dangerous Cliffs of Kombatu where one misstep leads to certain doom.

Issue 3 – The Dead of Night: As night draws in, the jungle swamp poses all manner of hidden dangers.  Tarzan continues to pursue his quarry across the Sargos Swamps, and must face a familiar and deadly predator from a lost era.

Issue  4 – Undertow:  The secret gate to an undersea temple lays buried in the ocean depths. There is only ONE way for Tarzan to continue his journey... straight down!

Issue 5 – The Valley of Eden:  In this grand finale, TARZAN MUST RALLY HIS ALLIES IN THE SHADOW OF AN ERUPTING VOLCANO!  Only the strange fruit found in the heart of the Valley of Eden can save the life of Tarzan’s true love.

Fun Train promises that each episode will contain a unique weapon and mechanic that is unique to that episode. At the end of the episode, the weapon can be collected and displayed in your jungle home. Neat!

No release date for TARZAN VR has been announced, but the press sheet does say to expect the first episode in “late 2019”. TARZAN VR is being developed for all major VR systems.