Disco Elysium shows you how an accolades trailer is done

by: Randy -
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Something that public relations companies absolutely love, but are kind of meh to gamers, is releasing accolades trailers. You know, the ones that come out a couple days after the launch of a game with a bunch of 8s and 9s and 10s splashed across a previously released trailer, spliced with box quotes from the Big Name Video Game Websites.

But Disco Elysium turns this tired formula into some zoomed-in shots of its gorgeously painted scenes, well, that you're throwing up in, then coats it with a '70s Muzak soundtrack to a song you just can't quite put your finger on (I think it's Miike Snow's "Animal," but who knows?), and even scrolls those box quotes from critics like they're movie credits at the end.

It's a simple and welcome shift in how these kinds of very typical videos are presented. Also, I desperately need to get my hands on this game.

Disco Elysium—which is giving every other RPG out there a run for its money in the GOTY category—is out now.