Moons of Madness arrives on PC October 22nd, PS4 and Xbox One in January

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Funcom's "Lovecraft on Mars" horror title Moons of Madness has a new trailer and a release date. The game will arrive on Steam on October 22nd. Console owners will have to wait a few months, as the game isn't set to launch on PS4 and Xbox One until January 21st 2020.

Moons of Madness might seem like an awkward mashup at first, but horror and scifi go together like chocolate and peanut butter, and H.P. Lovecraft himself pioneered early concepts of science fiction and he basically invented the cosmic horror sub-genre. The trailer looks promising but a lot of horror games follow a tired formula these days. They're basically jump-scare roller coasters, which isn't exactly scary; a horror game needs agency, the ability to screw up and make mistakes but also to fight back in some fashion. Most importantly, it needs danger, a distinct lose condition. Hopefully Moons of Madness is more than just a pretty, spooky ride when it launches in a couple weeks.

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Moons of Madness to launch on Oct 22nd

Space is dark and scary: In true Lovecraftian fashion, you will face indescribable evil this Halloween. You will have to run and hide till you can figure out a way to conquer your own worst nightmare.

NEW TRAILER OUT NOW! Cosmic horror game Moons of Madness will launch on PC in less than two weeks’ time, so prepare yourself for a Halloween drenched in Lovecraftian horror and Mars exploration! 

OSLO, Norway – Oct 10th, 2019 – Halloween is going to become extra dark and terrifying this year, as publisher Funcom and developer Rock Pocket Games are thrilled to announce that Moons of Madness will launch on PC on October 22nd, 2019. Release date on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is set to January 21st, 2020.

Having already been labeled as “one of the scariest looking games we’ve ever seen” by IGN, cosmic horror game Moons of Madness is bound to bring a chill down the spine of even the toughest horror game fan. You play as Shane Newehart, chief engineer on a research facility on Mars, 140 million miles away from the nearest police station. So, when things start going wrong, you are pretty much on your own. And things will go wrong.

“We wanted to make a game that combines Lovecraftian elements and Mars exploration,” explains Rock Pocket Games CEO Ivan Moen. “And central to a good Lovecraft experience is the battle that goes on in your own mind. You will face external threats, sure, but having to face your inner demons at the same time is what makes this truly terrifying.”

Moons of Madness is set in the same thematic universe as Funcom’s The Secret World, where conspiracies and dark secrets are commonplace. And although The Secret World-players will recognize certain names and themes, playing one is by no means a prerequisite to enjoy the other.

The game will be available on Steam October 22nd for $24.99/€24.99 (pricing may differ across territories). 

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