Castle Woodwarf now available for free on Steam

by: Eric -
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Castle Woodwarf, a new base-buliding title from indie developer Domo Games, is now available on Steam, 100% free.

If you are anything like me, the first question that comes to mind is how to pronounce the game’s title – is it Woo-Dwarf, or Wood-dwarf, or possibly Wood-warf (which is much like Wood-dwarf, but ever so slightly different).

Regardless of how you say it, Castle Woodwarf looks like a cool little pixel-art strategy title. Players hire a series of dwarves (that appear to be of the “Santa” variety) to gather resources and food. Here is some copy from Castle Woodwarf’s Steam pages, which explains matters better:

“Castle Woodwarf is a fun strategy and base building game in which you must build a thriving dwarf community and gather resources, food and materials. You have a simple camp and you must collect lumber, food and gold so you can purchase new upgrades.

Hire a Fisher dwarf who will automatically travel to water and fish for food, or hire a Lumberdwarf who will chop down trees for wood. You can also collect these materials and food with a gather dwarf.

Food is the most important resource and all your workers constantly eat fish so you must provide a steady supply. Underneath your settlement in the caves below your dwarves guard a precious dragon egg. This egg helps defend your settlers from invading monsters and you must protect it at all costs. As you progress you can upgrade your workers and other aspects of your settlement to improve your resource collection etc. Try and manage your resources carefully and build a strong community!”

This looks like just the sort of game that I would start on a Sunday afternoon, and then end up playing obsessively for a while. There is an interesting scoring dynamic in play; you don’t simply try to beat the game, you try to beat the game and get a high score.

Castle Woodwarf already has a Positive rating on Steam, with most players seeming to enjoy the brevity of the experience. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of monetization model for Castle Woodwarf, so it might be worth a look just for that alone.