DOOM Eternal release gets pushed out

by: Jen -
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This morning, iD Software posted on their twitter feed that DOOM Eternal was going to be pushed out.  There was plenty of buzz around the game based on Bethesda's E3 showcase and the teaser trailer they released ahead of the show.  Unfortunately, based on the post below, the game is being pushed out to March 2020 at the earliest to finish up development. 

It also appears that it will launch, similar to Fallout 76, with some modes and features not present that were originally promised to be included, including a failure to deliver the Nintendo Switch version at launch as well.  Not sure if this is the new norm for Bethesda, but you hate to see them continue to struggle with releasing games, meeting fans expectations and releasing games with all the features intact on launch day.
To make up for the delays and missing content, id is adding DOOM 64 as a freebie to those that pre-order the game.  Lets just hope that by the time they release Starfield and the next Elder Scrolls, they have these issues behind them....