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In Death Stranding you have to wait for The Drop

by: Randy -
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Death Stranding, the upcoming "action strand game" from director Hideo Kojima. Anybody else might simply refer to it as an open-world action game. But Kojima isn't just anybody else. I'm not even saying that as a fan boy. I'm admitting to that just from the marketing materials we've all been exposed to so far.

The promo trailer is called "The Drop." It's all cinematic, no gameplay. But it conveys the idea that your job—you, the overly named Sam Porter Bridges—your job is to deliver packages to reconnect society. I mean, I guess so, right? If social media left us stranded on our own narcissistic desert islands, then I suppose UPS, FedEx, and the U.S. Postal Service are what's going to bring us back together.

Who knows. Like I said, Hideo Kojima isn't just anybody else, and Death Stranding appears to be the most Hideo Kojima game ever. 

Death Stranding introduces the so-called Action Strand genre to the world on November 8, exclusively on PlayStation 4.