Neo Cab is Beats to Relax/Study To for the Uber gig economy

by: Randy -
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Adventure games aren't all point-and-click affairs. Nor are they regulated to being so-called walking simulators. Neo Cab is more of a driving simulator. If walking sims could drive. 

You're the last human driver-for-hire in the soft-focused cyberpunk city streets of Los Ojos. So much for the Uber and Lyft economy. Or perhaps those companies are doing just fine; they've simply moved on to owning self-driving vehicles. 

Either way, if you like having complete strangers jump into your car, spill their deepest and darkest secrets to you on the way to whatever rando destination they pick, and then having them slap you with a 1-star rating because you made them feel uncomfortable and unsafe, then Neo Cab is your jam. Trying to "stay human" amidst all this automation is the 1984 of Neo Cab. It also appears to have a somewhat passive detective narrative, where you're trying to find your missing friend Savy.

With no out-loud dialogue to interrupt the soundtrack, Neo Cab also acts as Nu Wave Radio Beats to Relax/Study To. Hey, I'm not complaining.

Neo Cab is out now (and here's an interesting mix) on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade.