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Razer updated Huntsman Elite Keyboards with new optical switches

by: Chuck -
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If you're a mechanical keyboard fan you might be interested in what Razer is doing with their Huntsman Elite Keyboards.  The version they released today includes their new Linear Optical Switches, which use beams of light to detect keypresses.  This is intended to increases responsiveness as you just need the switch to break the light instead of detecting a physical press like other keyboards.  

In addition to the speed benefit of the new system, durability goes up and the new switches are supposed to withstand up to 100 million keypresses. The system is super interesting and a much different take than what others like Logitech and DasKeyboard have taken with their mechanical keyboards. To be honest is something that feels very on-brand for Razer, a company known for taking mundane items and cranking the innovation (for better or worse) all the way to 11. It will be interesting to see what gamers think of this and if they are willing to pay $199 for a keyboard.