Go into space, meet interesting people, and shoot them in Infinity: Battlescape

by: Randy -
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Sometimes you just need an early access spaceship with early access lasers and a whole lot of early access space. Infinity: Battlescape has heard your request. Launching into Steam Early Access today, Infinity: Battlescape is hooking you up with space sim mechanics that run from the planetary surface, up to the atmosphere, and across a true-to-scale procedurally generated star system—all without a single loading screen between them.

But you've got to fight for it. As the subtitle Battlescape more than hints at, fighting for control will have hundreds of players, all on a server together with no instancing, turning all that space into a bullet hell. Why war? To earn credits, upgrade and customize your ships, and to get a leg up on your opponents. Each player-owned faction owns a limited amount of infrastructure, to include factories, land bases, and both large and small space stations. Your factories spawn AI-driven haulers to exploit local resources and get them back to base. Those resources are converted into credits and redistributed throughout your faction. Can't imagine it'll be easy, though, since guess where the battles are going to pop off? Yes. Mostly at resource collection points, I'm guessing.

You'll be handling all this space business with several classes of ships. Interceptors are small and agile, scouting ahead, and protecting capital ships from bombers. Corvettes can be configured defensively, offensively, or as logistical repair barges. Cruisers are heavily armed and armored, wrecking capital ships and infrastructure with abandon. Carriers are mobile spawn points with limited weaponry. 

Infinity: Battlescape went into early access today over on Steam.