Here's the new trailer for the Switch Lite

by: Sean Colleli -
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If you're a bit behind on current events, Nintendo recently released the Nintendo Switch Lite, and they have a brief new trailer showing the device off. Switch Lite is a slimmer, more energy-efficient model that uses the same "Mariko" Tegra X1 revision that's now powering the latest release of OG Switch models. The main difference is that Switch Lite doesn't have detachable Joycon controllers, and it can't even dock to your TV through HDMI.

I've been a big fan of the Switch hardware since day one and I was excited to see the inevitable hardware improvements that Nintendo rolled out. However, the Switch Lite's inability to "switch" as it were killed any chances of me buying the thing. The Switch's main appeal is its versatility; it's the ultimate mix of handheld, home console and party machine, with a robust library of original games, ports of the classics and indie titles. But without that versatility, it's just a somewhat bulky portable. At $199.99 Switch Lite is a good alternative for entry-level gamers and kids who want something newer and more powerful than a 3DS. But for now anyway, the wife and I will stick to the launch model we've already sunk countless hours into.