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Meet the Bergsons: the Children of Morta say hello

by: Randy -
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I'm glad developer Dead Mage and publisher 11 Bit Studios aren't being shy with Children of Morta trailers. Whether announcing a limited time demo on Steam back in June, locking down launch dates on PC and consoles, or walking us through the major talking points of gameplay, this family-oriented action-RPG has been more than transparent about what you're getting right out of the box.

They're still keeping story beats under wraps, though, and I can appreciate that. But they are giving us glimpses at the characters. The Bergson family is the one thing holding back the Corruption puking out of that nearby mountain. By the way, Google Translate tells me that "berg" is German for "mountain," so the aptly named Bergson family are the sons of the mountain. I like it.

There's John. He's the dad and "a force to be reckoned with." With sword and shield, not to mention being able to rain down pain in the dead center of a dark cavern, I'm guessing these descriptions mean both in and out of battle. There's Lucy "who sets the world ablaze." She's your shooter, and it looks like she does it with fiery arrows. I bet she knows how to roast her family members back at the mansion, too. Joey is a "mighty and gentle giant." Just, you know, quietly swinging his enormous sledgehammer in circles like he's about to take the gold medal in an Olympic hammer throw event. Then there's Kevin "in unity with the shadows," striking out like a knife-wielding liquid from every direction. I'm guessing his argumentative style with the family is to retreat to his room or to a rarely visited corner of the backyard in order to brood about his woes. Mark, "nimble as a river," acrobats his way up, down, and around the fight. Probably makes it hard to pin down the point he's making in a conversation, or hard for you to solidify your own points. Linda, that's mom, I think, is "the one that never misses." While that translates to a nice shotgun spread on her bow and arrow, it probably also means you don't screw with mom back at home either.

It's time for the Bergsons to save the world. If they can't do it, no one can.

Children of Morta launches on all three current-gen consoles on October 15. That's PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.