Here are all the updates coming to online mode in WWE 2K20

by: Nathan -
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Finally some actual news. After months of waiting, 2K is finally releasing some significant news about WWE 2K20. Today they revealed that the online modes are getting a significant upgrade. 

First off, online lobbies are finally returning. Now if you want to play online you can go into or host a lobby displaying exactly what matches are available. You can choose up to six players in a variety of match types, select gender, and include restrictions to only allow WWE Superstars. No 100 OVR broken created wrestlers ruining online matches thank god. 

Next up there will be both male and female My Players this year and both are available to play online in both the Road to Glory and My Player Towers. The male and female My Player can be two completely separate characters each with their own experience pools, progression trees and creation unlock parts. Even better is that now any creation parts you unlock in My Player will be available to use offline in Create a Wrestler. You can also export your My Players into the single player modes 

For all the details, be sure to check out 2K's blog post about the new Online features. 

WWE 2K20 launches on October 22nd for PS4, Xbox One and PC.