Mario Kart Tour is now available for iOS and Android

by: Russell -
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The next Nintendo mobile game has launched as Mario Kart Tour has been released on iOS and Android. I checked it out a bit today and it's pretty...interesting. The game doesn't really control like a traditional Mario Kart game, which makes sense since it's a mobile game. You automatically accelerate and move your finger left and right on the screen to turn (you can choose from normal turning and drifting control schemes). Swiping up and down will let you use items. You start with a single character, kart, and glider and can level them up as you compete in races and gain access to new ones down the road. What's interesting is that there are cups you can play in and unlock, plus you can pick your speed from 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and 200cc...except here's the catch: the 200cc cup requires a $4.99 subscription.  You read that right...SUBSCRIPTION. While I'm enjoying the game so far, I'm good with maxing my speed at 150cc once I unlock it (50cc and 100cc are available at the start).