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Children of Morta hyper light drifts onto consoles this October

by: Randy -
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PC got the jump on Children of Morta, having launched there on September 3. But this pixel-perfect rogue-lite role-playing game is also making its way onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 15. Children of Morta is still presumably coming to Nintendo Switch, too, but that's still generically listed as "in October" sometime. Sorry for the holdup, Switch fans, but we're expecting a PS4 copy to arrive soon for review purposes, and we're not waiting around any longer.

I'm picking up serious Hyper Light Drifter vibes from Children of Morta—there's no higher compliment I could pay this high-tension action RPG. I love the classically angled top-down view. I love the impossibly detailed oil painting look of it all. I love that it's not just a rogue's gallery of characters but one extraordinary family living together and fighting together.

This video hits up all the important bullet points you'll need to know about Children of Morta. 1) It's an action-RPG with a rogue-lite approach to character development in a procedurally generated landscape. 2) Gameplay-wise, it's going to scratch all your hack n' slash itches, with no permadeath to halt your family's progression on this family (skill) tree. 3) Within these six family members, there's love, hope, longing, and uncertainty—as well as loss and sacrifice for our loved ones. 4) Don't worry about futzing with a traditional inventory system, though there's plenty of loot and gear to be had. 5) The dungeons are procedurally generated, so you aren't going to be memorizing routes when you step out for these adventures. 5) There are three major landmasses, or at least biomes, to explore. 6) There's local two-player co-op, if you want to play this family-oriented adventure with your family! Or friends. Online co-op is coming in a future update. 7) Whatever they paid their artists, it's not enough.