Rocksteady is teasing a new Batman game

by: John -
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Well well well, what do we have here? Rocksteady's Twitter account posted a small message with an animation that goes through a bunch of symbols along with caption, Capture the Knight.

The rumor going around is the game will have the Court of Owls as the main antagonists. In fact, a producer last year tweeted out a picture of herself wearing a Court of Owls t-shirt. The symbols do look a little like they are in the style of the Court of Owls.

Tomorrow at 4pm EST is the Sony State of Play event and many are speculating that the new Rocksteady Batman game will be shown off then. Warner Bros Montreal is the main developer for this and while I wasn't that fond of Batman Arkham Origins that they did, here's hoping the next one will be of the same quality as Arkham Asylum and Arkham Knight.