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NVIDIA GeForce Now has a new look

by: John -
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GeForce Now is a nice cloud service from NVIDIA where you can play games via streaming, like Stadia or PlayStation Now. You get access to PC games and currently, it's a free service while it's in beta. I've used it both on my computer and NVIDIA Shield and it's really great provided you have a solid and somewhat fast Internet connection.

NVIDIA is pushing out a new look to the service, which you can grab from their website. It's geared to be simpler and they've improved their features such as searching and providing more details to games.

You should get the new UI if you restart your app, although mine seems to be stuck in the old state right now even after a re-install.

If you haven't signed up for the beta, go try it out. Like I said, it's free for now and it's a pretty slick feature to play some of your games on the go or play some games that your computer can't run without having to spend money upgrading it.