These guys destroyed the NBA through a hilarious NBA 2K19 experiment

by: Nathan -
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Years ago SBNation ran an article called "NBA Y2K: The Death of Basketball" where they went into NBA 2K14's My League mode and simulated over 20 years of NBA seasons. They created 80 players all with the worst stats possible and fed them into the game.

As the current players and the legends started retiring, the game populated the teams missing slots with these players until all that was left in the league were some of the worst players possible. This of course had hilarious results that saw the NBA Finals ending with a score of 3-0 after 12 over times, Barack Obama still President after 20 years and a draft class of players that couldn't even beat an elementary school team. 

While a joke, the final video showing the rotting corpse of the NBA ending with an empty arena while "I Hope You Die" from Wye Oak plays is both hilarious but actually pretty sad and emotional at the same time. I actually felt like I was watching the final season of the NBA ever. 

Well the guys from SBNation are back at it again and this time they are doing with a new series called "The Fumble Dimension". In the first episode they take NBA 2K19 and with the same idea as before, try to destroy the NBA by creating a draft class of 150 players all with the lowest stats possible and an overall of 40. They start off with their created player named "Stupid Crap Face" and then copy his stats onto every player in the draft class. They also decided to give Stupid Crap Face food poisoning and a bloody nose. Why? Because it was funny. 

After simulating through years of NBA 2K19 the hilarity begins as the current players start retiring and the crappy players start filling the voids. This time around however, NBA 2K threw them a curve ball. It was as if the game knew what they were doing and tried to stop them by the game introducing their own created players with overalls of 60-70 or so and slotting them onto teams that were having trouble.  

As the NBA once again reaches its inevitable demise by only the crappy players being left, they decide to play the final game of the experiment which leads to a hilarious game of Basketball where everyone is 5'3 and are missing just about every shot and pass possible. 

Check out the first episode of The Fumble Dimension below.