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Cat Quest 2 bounces onto Steam September 24th

by: Sean Colleli -
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The original Cat Quest was a refreshing, bubbly little action RPG filled to the brim with cat puns and lighthearted adventure. Now developer Gentlebros are upping the ante with the sequel, Cat Quest 2. This game explores the ongoing and incredibly fluffy conflict between the cat kingdom of Felingard and the dog domain of the Lupus Empire. The adorable quarrel comes into sharp relief, as the kings of both realms are forces to work together on a quest that spans both realms.

What this means for gamers is even more bouncy and cute action RPG gameplay, that can be experienced solo or in local co-op. The game is headed to Steam on the 24th, with a somewhat vague autumn release penciled in for PS4, Xbox One and Switch. What isn't so vague is that plenty of cat and dog puns are in store.The reveal trailer is below.