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The Sinking City floods into the Nintendo eShop with its launch trailer

by: Kinsey -
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Listen, I have my own set of thoughts about Lovecraft and the type of guy he was, but you can't deny the influence he's had on his genre; he's got his own adjective, for god's sake. And for sure, that influence shines through in games like The Sinking City. If you wanted to spice up your Switch with some good old fashioned deep water horror, then you're in luck, since it's in the Nintendo eShop—and we here at Gaming Nexus want to offer up the launch trailer exclusively for your sampling. 

Our own Randy gave the game a 7.4 when he reviewed it back in July, balancing its pros with its cons and still coming up with an overall pleasing experience. A detective game with a heavy-handed dose of Cthulhu mythos, The Sinking City will have you navigating through, well, a sinking city, and solving the horrific and supernatural mysteries that you encounter. And now that it's in the eShop, you can take Cthulhu's passionate and unbridled desire to kill all of humanity wherever you want.

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