It's Friday night, watch the story behind Pandemic's The Saboteur

by: Nicholas -
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The Saboteur, the 2009 WWII open-world story of love and resistance behind enemy lines in Nazi-occupied France, is one of those games that are old but gold. 

Borne during the nascent era of the then-burgeoning genre of open-world games, it's not on the scale of Rockstar's GTA IV, which had released in 2008, but it does have ambition to match. 

From Pandemic Studios, the developer behind the original Star Wars Battlefront series, Mercenaries, and Destroy All Humans, it was the last game the studio ever developed before publisher EA shut it down. 

But before that happened, there is the story of their final release. Starting with a flight during which developer Andrew Goldman read a book about William Grover Williams, a racecar driver turned French resistance fighter, Pandemic was looking for a game that would boost their reputation after the hum drum stutters of Mercenaries 2 and Lord of the Rings Conquest. 

This started with a change-up to the story of William Grover Williams, going from patriotic Frenchman to personally motivated Irishman, and giving some putting in some colorful game mechanics, including infiltration, racing, shooting, and more. 

It's a great watch if you're wanting to sit back and watch a game doc.