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Battlefield V update 4.4 is live

by: Nicholas -
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Update 4.4 to Battlefield V is a go. In what is now Week 11 (!) of the Tides of War event, an ongoing set of challenges to Battlefield players in multiplayer matches, there will be two new maps released for Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch game modes. 

The maps, named Lofoten Islands and Provence, focus on infantry combat and close quarters gunplay. 

Provence takes place in occupied France, while Lofoten Islands is "loosely based" on a British operation to destroy fish oil factories controlled by the Axis. Read more about the maps here

The update itself, along with the usual stability and stuttering improvements, lets players advance to level 500, and features changes to SMGs, AP mines, and Sniper rifles. Read more about that update here