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Here's Cyberpunk 2077's new deep dive video and developer panel

by: Sean Colleli -
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CD Projekt Red has a sizable new deep dive into the various playstyles in Cyberpunk 2077. This video goes into detail about a mission about halfway through the game, where you assist the netrunning Voodoo Boys gang with infiltrating the base of their rivals, the steroid-juicing Animals. There are multiple ways to approach this; a solo class build lets you assault the compound head on, utilizing enhanced strength, high-powered weaponry and close-quarters combat mods to bash and slaughter your way through the opposition.

Meanwhile a netrunner build lets you hack exercise equipment, training robots, and even cybernetic gang members' own implants to do the dirty work for you. But you always need to look out--the Netwatch, Cyberpunk 2077's sort of internet CIA, are always scanning the web, trying to catch hackers.

After the demo there's a full Q&A panel with the game's key developers. The whole video is a long watch but well worth it. Honestly I'd be suspicious of such a high profile game release--I've been disappointed too many times in recent years--but this is CD Projekt we're talking about, and the amazing job they did with Witcher 3 earns them a lot of faith, at least from me.

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