New Iceborne trailer drops, promising preorder bonuses and free armor

by: Kinsey -
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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's new trailer looks wild.

Along with the accompanying developer update video (which you can find here), the Old Everwyrm trailer reveals some cool new details for the highly-anticipated massive expansion to Monster Hunter: World. We see some familiar faces, including the fan-favorite Brachydios, as well as closer looks at new monsters (including Velkhana, of course, but also an awesome-looking water-based Elder Dragon called Namielle).

Additionally, new options will be available to help players progress through the main World game and further encourage existing players to aid other hunters in the community. For example, the gameplay feature Hunter Helper focuses on Low Rank and High Rank player assistance by creating a further incentive for the community to help fellow hunters. Helpful players will be rewarded with exclusive in-game Pendants and Trophies for assisting other hunters in ranks below their own.

All hunters will also be given a free set of Guardian Armor as part of an upcoming title update on September 4. This upgradable armor can be equipped from the beginning of the base game, and is especially geared towards newer hunters to help them progress through the main story (and of course, prep for Iceborne quicker!).

Be sure to check out the Old Everwyrm trailer below.