GeForce NOW is coming to Android

by: John -
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If you have never tried GeForce NOW and you have the bandwidth to, you should check it out. Taking advantage of cloud computing and streaming games to your device, GeForce NOW will let you play modern games even if your rig can't handle it. Think of it like Google Stadia or PlayStation Now.

Currently, you could play on the PC, Mac, or NVIDIA Shield. I've tried it out on both the PC and Shield and it works really well, provided my Internet connection was solid and above 20mbps. Recently, they announced RTX servers coming so you can even enjoy games with RTX on without having to own a RTX card. It's in beta and free to try out, but one thing I really wished they had was an Android app.

Well today, NVIDIA announced that they will be bringing GeForce NOW to Android devices in the future. I didn't think it would be too much of a stretch since the NVIDIA Shield is an Android TV product. They recommend you pair your phone with a Bluetooth controller so you can get the full experience. Let's face it, onscreen controls that obscure your view aren't fun at all.

You can sign up now to be put on the waitlist for the beta test. It's pretty slick and like I said, it's free for now so why not give it a try.