Timesplitters co-creator joins THQ Nordic to right the Delorean

by: Sean Colleli -
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Nintendolife is reporting that THQ Nordic, owners of publisher Deep Silver and by extension the Timesplitters IP, has hired series co-creator Steve Ellis to "plot the future course" for the franchise. This is great news because THQ has been awfully quiet about their plans for the IP ever since they acquired it last year.

Timesplitters has had a troubled history. Initially created by studio Free Radical in the early 2000s, the series was a spiritual sequel to Rare's shooters GoldenEye and Perfect Dark and was renowned for its cartoony art style, user-friendly level editor and addictive multiplayer. After releasing three critically acclaimed titles the series was sold to Crytek with the remainder of Free Radical's staff, where it remained dormant for years, until THQ acquired it and the rest of Free Radical's IP.

Hiring Ellis means that THQ is serious about reviving the series. Personally I'd be happy with a remaster of the first three games, particularly on Nintendo Switch, as about the only thing Switch is lacking is a split-screen multiplayer FPS. I'd be frankly ecstatic if THQ rebooted development on the long-dead Timesplitters 4, but only time will tell.