Minute of Islands: comic visuals, possible double-meanings in the title

by: Randy -
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First thing's first, I'm not certain if the "minute" in Minute of Islands is talking about 60 seconds or if it's talking about minute (my-noot) details as in minutiae. Minute of Islands could mean I can only play through one minute of these puzzle-y islands, or it could mean, Let's look at the small things on these islands. Put on your Galaxy Brains, kids, because it could even mean both.

Either way, this classic comic-style adventure game is gorgeous in the way that German adventure games tend to be. Studio Fizbin, makers of the likewise wonderfully illustrated The Inner World, is busy drawing up this incredible-looking world for Mo, a mechanic. She's armed with a device called an Omni Switch, but that thing might not be able to fix her entire dying world. 

Mo will face story-based environmental puzzles, and even some platforming gameplay. There's an "emotional, poetic story" at hand, driven across an archipelago and its secrets, and backed by an atmospheric soundtrack. This trailer opens on a cobbled-together boat and her purple fox-dog thing chowing down on a crab. Mo can apparently walk on water? Unless she's simply traversing the shallows with enormous artifacts buried in the sands and waters surrounding these islands. There's at least one beached whale ("death stranding," anyone?) that's been gnawed on and exploded its guts out across the beach. There are caverns and bridges and gates, oh my. Shacks and windmills and giants, oh my. Tell me that pale-skinned, goggle-eyed, skeletal-mouthed giant isn't disturbing, I dare you.

Minute of Islands will be on PC, Mac, and consoles in Spring 2020.