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The hunt is on in Borderlands 3's latest character video

by: Russell -
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Gearbox's latest character video for Borderlands 3 gives us some info on FL4K...well, not so much information as what he's capable of. FL4K seems to be a bit of a mix of Mordecai and Zero with invisibility, pets, and a penchant for sniping. FL4K shows off a few of his pets including a couple of Rakk-like birds, a Skag, a Spiderant with a drill for a leg, and...whatever the heck that thing around the 1:32 mark is supposed to be (seriously, it looks like what would happen if Digimon crossed over into Borderlands). The hunt is on for FL4K and the rest of the new vault hunters when Borderlands 3 drops on September 13th.

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