New Legacy Inc's Royal Rumble marathon to raise money for charity returns next week

by: Nathan -
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New Legacy Inc, a Youtube channel dedicated to pro wrestling videogame shenanigans has announced that the fan favorite Royal Rumble Marathon will be making its return next week.

The New Legacy Royal Rumblethon has been a bi-annual tradition since 2011 and the great thing about the event is that it is a charity event to help raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.   

Here is how the event works

  • New Legacy will stream 30 Royal Rumble matches from 30 different Pro Wrestling videogames.
  • The winners of all 30 Rumble matches then get placed in one final Rumble called "The Royliest of Rumbles" and the winner of that match will become the Rumblethon champion. 

The 2017 Rumblethon raised $27,332 for the charity from donations alone.

Day 1 of the event will be on August 15th at 2PM and Day 2 of the event will be on August 16th at 2PM. Both days can be watched on their official Twitch.TV channel.

Check out Day 1 of their 2017 marathon below to get a preview of all the hilarious shenanigans that will probably occur during this marathon.