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Really ridiculously good-looking Children of Morta gets a launch date

by: Randy -
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Story-drive action RPG Children of Morta nailed its September 2019 launch date down to September 3 on Windows Store and Steam, and October 15 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Developer Dead Mage has got a gem on their hands—the limited-time demo back in June taught me that much.

I can't get enough of this oil-spilled pixel art. These are the most stunning visuals done in this style since Hyper Light Drifter. There's something about combining pixelated perfection and an isometric view that gets me to look at both in jealous and envious ways. Or at least artistically inspirational ways. Give me a fancy sword slash and a splashy fireball in such an environment and I'm all in.

So many movies, books, and video games find a way to kill off a protagonist's father, or fridge the mother, or ignore family ties altogether. But Children of Morta bucks that trend entirely by growing a tightly knit family tree of warriors and clerics, mages and rogues. You don't have to take on a house karl from the top level of Whiterun when your brother has got your back and he's chilling in the living room. Or you don't have to visit the Greybeards upon High Hrothgar to remind you of your duty to all peoples when your mother does that and she's over there working in the garden. Who would've thought that's all you had to do to innovate past the "You all meet in a tavern" concept?

Again, Children of Morta's pits their flaws and virtues against the forthcoming Corruption in this action RPG on PC on September 3, and consoles on October 15. Why can I only hit the Wishlist button once?