And now, a treatise on "The Daddening" of video games

by: Nicholas -
More On: The Last of Us The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you've played games such as 2013's The Last of Us, 2015's The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, or 2018's God of War reboot, you're bound to have noticed a common theme: dads. 

This has precedent. The average of gamers today is 35 and, to say nothing of male-to-female representation, male dominance has tended to pervade the culture. 

So with these two tidbits in mind, it's important to note that gamers and developers age. And with that age comes reflection. This is present in all three of the aforementioned games, which feature older father-figure protagonists struggling to hold onto a world that is changing.

These protagonists navigate their issues in vastly different ways, and is well explained by the YouTuber Just Write, a channel that mainly focuses on film, but today has graced us with an essay on The Witcher III and The Last of Us. More importantly, however, he tells us which of the protagonists are better dads. To find out, you'll have to watch.