Tracks chugs onto Xbox One in September

by: Kinsey -
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Get ready for Excalibur Games to turn the sandbox into the toy box, because Tracks—a charming train set game—is getting ready to make its console debut in a couple months.

In Tracks, players get to create the train set of their dreams (you know, the one that Mom would never buy for you because it was "too expensive" and "had too many small pieces" and "cost multiple hundreds of dollars" and other clearly ridiculous excuses). You want your train set to scrape a skyscraper? How about wind around the living room walls? How about perch atop a bridge of dizzying heights? No matter your imagination, Tracks has customization limited only by what you can dream up. You can accept challenges to please your passengers, or you can meander around town on your own time—or better yet, smash into toppling blocks to relieve the stress of that one annoying conversation you had at work today.

The Xbox One version of Tracks leaves the station on September 20, the same day that the PC version will hit full launch. Players can sign up for updates and learn more about the game here.