This video essay illustrates all the ways Metal Gear Solid is influenced by the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion

by: Nicholas -
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Metal Gear Solid is a legacy title, one that has proved its acclaim time and again for over twenty years. It's clear that series creator Hideo Kojima takes as much influence from contemporary filmmaking as he does from video games. But in a new video by Super Bunnyhop, a YouTube creator focused on all things video games, the case is made for similarities between Metal Gear Solid and the (full disclosure: my personal favorite of all time) anime Neon Genesis Evangelion

For starters, there's the throwing around of religious terminology. Both franchises use giant fighting robots, use "religious terminology, incorporating it into some weird plan to accelerate mankind into a post-humanist utopia". If you haven't guessed, it's packed with spoilers for both series. 

Specifically, it's in the ending of Metal Gear Solid 2 that Super Bunnyhop takes a closer look at the similarities between the two. Both films break down its traditonal visuals and eventually turn into live action, containing scenes in which their respective authors address the audience about the entertainment they consume in ways both direct and indirect. 

It's a great piece of cross-genre media analysis. Check it out below.